You can say that Bobby Ciletti’s life as a communicator was written in the stars. He was born a Gemini, the sign which symbolizes the mythological wing shoed messenger & god of communication. Although Bobby does not have winged shoes that give him flight, he finds that the world of communication provides the most exciting form of transportation – through ideas & connecting with people (and his shoe collection is not bad either.) In fact, there are only two hours a day that Bobby is not talking: one hour in the morning, before his contacts are in & pre-espresso, as he sifts through messages & social media. Also one hour before bed, when there is no one else awake to have a conversation. Other than those two hours, he spends every waking minute talking.

Bobby grew up in Pennsylvania in a small town where everyone seemed to epitomized the boy or girl next door. Bobby had a great childhood, but he had aspirations to attend college in an exciting city. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Public Relations. As a PR professional Bobby specialized in tourism & hospitality & luxury lifestyle brands. He even worked in Dublin, Ireland for a short time.

Soon after returning to the US, he met his partner, Stephen who owns and operates Clarendon Square, a successful boutique hotel in downtown Boston. The two work together delivering a one of a kind travel experience that has received recognition from all around the world. Their love of hospitality translates to a love of travel as well, which makes Bobby a travel expert. Although his list of destination visited seems to grow steadily, equally does the list of new places to see. His passion for hotels, destinations and his strategic mind, all assist in planning seamless experiences for himself or his guests. 

Considering Bobby's unique & diverse background in travel, lifestyle & hospitality, his friends, fans & former guests regular reach out to him for recommendations, ideas & advice. Because these topics are his passion & he loves to assist others, he decided to create THEDAYSOFTHECHIC.COM, the simply elegant guide for living, as a premier online destination to discuss & share his expertise in Travel, Lifestyle & Fashion.

In addition to these topics, Bobby is fascinated with pop culture & the world of entertainment. He began reading the tabloids in the 5th grade (is it okay to admit that?) and even received a subscription to Star Magazine in his stocking one year for Christmas. Although Bobby’s day to day life may not resemble that small town in Pennsylvania anymore, he still embodies the boy next door spirit, but now with a little extra flair.