How to Wow - Serving Champagne Simple Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Over the weekend I broke out the Baccarat. It has been a while since we used our favorite Mille Nuits Champagne Flutes as I am still on that sulfite free diet, yes that means no Champagne or Wine. Needless to say it has a been a while, but our friends were stopping by before brunch to have some Perrier Jouët

I have three undisputed rules of serving Champagne

  1. Splurge. There are plenty of fabulous, quality brands of Champagne, so do your research & have fun tasting around. While you do not need to spend hundreds to enjoy a quality toast, investing in quality Champagne will be worthwhile. One of my favorites, Perrier Jouët, is a quality recognizable brands with crus starting at around $50 and up.
  2. Champagne & Chill. Champagne must be served ice cold at least 43 to 48°F (7°C). At this range the taste & smell can be fully appreciated. Achieve this by placing an unopened bottle in an ice bucket with half ice & half water for about 30 minutes. If you are in a rush you can chill a bottle in 15 minutes by wrapping it in a few layers of wet paper towel & popping it in the freezer. Just remember to set a timer!
  3. Crystal Clear. Do not undermine your Champagne or entertaining abilities by serving Champagne in anything less than a glass flute. If you have crystal or fancier stemware, this is the opportunity to use it. Plastic or Red Cups, really? Moving on. Whether you serve your Champagne in glass or crystal, make sure it is crystal clear & clean. If you do not have a bottle brush, a tip for getting your flutes flawless, use a chop stick & a wet paper towel to get down into the flute.