How to Wow - Decorate Your Home Like a Hotel for Christmas

Each year I look forward to decorating our hotel Clarendon Square for the holidays in Boston.  Here are some of my tips for upgrading your decor & bringing the hotel experience home for the holidays.

  1. Something Old Something New - The holidays are a time for tradition, which can carry over into our designs through cherished family heirlooms or favorite touches that say the holidays in a personal way. However, if you are like me you cannot fight the urge to do a little shopping to add to your holiday decor to keep things fresh, interesting & unexpected. Mixing the old & the new is also a good way to establish or grow a collection.
  2. Tis The Season for Sparkle - This one does not need any explanation. If you love glitter, metallics & things that shine, this season gives you full license to go for it. Even objects that are not typically Christmas can be put in the spirit with an sprinkle or glitter or coat of something shiny. Left over pumpkins & goards from Thanksgiving are perfect for a little holiday DIY.
  3. Faux Real - If you are like me you may use a faux tree. This is important at our hotel because we want the Christmas tree to look perfect all season so all of our guests can enjoy it. A faux tree is also less mess. Or perhaps you like a white tree like I have in my personal home. Adding real greenery in the form of little touches like pine & cedar swags on window sills, or boxwood wreaths will bring the scent of the season indoors with minimal mess.
  4. Color Palates - Maybe you do not get into the Christmas Decor because you do not really like the red & green, perhaps there is another color combination that is more you. I agree. One of my favorite spaces in the more monochromatic dining room, with live greenery, cream poinsettia, and hues of soft green & gold sparkle. Play around with color & tones to find something that compliments your taste & existing decor for holiday harmony. 
  5. Focal Points - Focal points are great places to start your holiday decor because your eye is naturally drawn to those areas of the home. Mantles, grand staircases, nooks & windows are obvious choices for adornment. However, if your home does not have this kind of architecture to work with, find a prominent wall & create your own focal point installation right on the wall Pinterest is always good for DIY inspiration.